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Alvear Pedro Ximenez

It is worth pointing out that this isn’t a sherry. Bodegas Alvear do not make Sherry.

Instead, they make wines made from Pedro Ximenez that taste a lot like sherry, look a lot like sherry and are as good as any on the market, but these are wines from Montilla, some two and a half hours drive north east of Jerez.

Basically, there are appellation laws that protect the name Sherry, so anything made outside of the Jerez region (Sherry is the English translation) has to be called something else. That’s OK, we don’t care what it’s called when it taste as good as this!

Alvear’s Solera 1927 is an absolute treat. A naturally sweet wine made from the beautiful Pedro Ximenez grape. It has a nose which is reminiscent of prunes and chocolate. This sumptuous wine has rich and concentrated fruit on the palate with a full, seemingly unending finish. 

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