bodegas carchelo | muri veteres | lightfoot wines | monastrell wine
bodegas carchelo | muri veteres | lightfoot wines | monastrell winebodegas carchelo | muri veteres | lightfoot wines | monastrell wine

Bodegas Carchelo Muri Veteres

Muri Veteres 2016 is the  culmination of 10 years of hard work. In 2008 the folks at Bodegas Carchelo set out to produce Spain’s best Monastrell wine. Years went by, finding the right ground for planting, finding vines that were the correct age and then on top of all this, praying for the right conditions in the growing season and harvest. 

The 2016 harvest proved perfect and after fermentation, then 12 months oak ageing, in 2018 the wine was ready! This 2016 Muri Veteres is quite simply one of the best Monastrell wines we have ever had. As mentioned, it is 10 years in the making which gives the bottle charm, character and makes you appreciate the hard work that wine producers go through in order to bring us quality products.

The wine itself is full-bodied, rich but yet fruity. If you’re a fan of wines from Southern Rhone then you’ll appreciate this. Monastrell is the Spanish translation for Mourvedre, so you’ll find the familiar rich tannins in this. The wine is perfectly balanced between oak aromas and fresh fruit flavours. It has a subtle nuance of candied fruit which really lifts it, adding to the complexity of the wine.

We love this Monastrell wine and are sure you will too. Click here for more of our range from Bodegas Carchelo!


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