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Chateau De Montifaud XO Decanter

This is a very fine XO Cognac; possibly the finest we’ve ever tried.

The family owned Montifaud estate has been making world class cognacs since 1837. Their dedication to their craft shines through in this exquisite bottle.

This particular XO Cognac is made from high quality grapes in the Montifaud estate’s vineyard in the Petite Champagne region. This region presents fantastic chalky soil which help bring the perfect amounts of acidity to the grapes that are grown there. This all helps towards the production of this amazing brandy.

This spirit has been aged in the Montifaud cellars, which have a cool and dry environment well-suited for the long maturation of spirits. French law states that to produce an XO Cognac, it needs to be aged for a minimum of six years. However, the Montifaud estate, has a reputation for ageing the products for a lot longer than the minimum requirement.

Upon taste, expect fine flavours of sultanas, tropical fruits, grapes and hints of sweet vanilla spice. These flavours work extremely well together to create a beautiful balance between fruit and spice flavours. 

The oversized decanter style bottle really finishes off this beautiful XO Cognac. It gives it that gravitas that it deserves and lets you know that this is a serious Cognac, to be drunk with the upmost respect.

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