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Filipetti Rosé Prosecco

Rosé Prosecco is the new kid on the block. You may have seen Rosé spumante wines before, but never with the Prosecco DOC classification. It first hit the shelves in the UK in December 2020 an has since taken the market by storm.

We’ve been working with Filipetti for some time now and their 2019 Millesimato Rose Prosecco does not disappoint!

Traditionally Prosecco is exclusively made with the Glera grape, but Rosé Prosecco allows a small inclusion of Pinot Noir. They soak the juice with the Pinot Noir skins for up to 48 hours in order to extract a lovely pink tinge.

Upon taste, expect it to be crisp with incredible notes of strawberry, raspberry and hints of rose petals. This Prosecco is well-balanced, with a soft texture, lovely acidity and a nice long finish.

£12.99 75cl 11%

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