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Guo Jiao National Cellar 1573

Guo Jiao 1573 is the image baijiu product of Luzhou Laojiao. It was first brewed from the “National Treasure Pits” in AD 1573 during the Wanli Era of the Ming dynasty. Guo Jiao 1573 is produced using distilled white spirits brewing techniques, the product is colorless and transparent with strong pit aroma. The taste is soft mellow, entrance intermixed with lingering fragrance. Its packaging consist of two parts, bottom part is painted gold and decorated with golden stars, making it look like the imperial jade seal. The upper part of the retail box is painted with pure red. The bottle was made of German crystal glass. There are a total of 960 stars on both glass bottle and paper packaging which symbolizes the total land area of China.

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