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Kalkstein Riesling

A beautiful Riesling which is part of our new ‘Modern German Range’. This fantastic Riesling expresses the terroir of the Pfalz region and pays tribute to years/traditions of wine-making in the area, whilst demonstrating modern techniques and bringing the brand into the 20th century.

In this collection, the winemaker has shown the differences that climate and surroundings can have on a wine. The Kalkstein (limestone) that the Riesling vines are planted in Pfalz contribute to the outcome and characteristics of the Riesling wine that you drink in your glass.

Slightly more understated than its counterpart from Mosul. It’s dry and fresh, yet with lovely body and ripe citrus flavours on the palate. It doesn’t smack you in the face like the Mosul Riesling from this collection does, alternatively it massages your palate. 

£12.50 75cl 12.5%

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