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Mas de Rander Temps

This wine is simply wonderful.

Bodegas Mas de Rander is from the Castello wine region, (just north of Valencia) and they produce wines of incredible quality. Temps is a fantastic example of how good their wine is.

A wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Garnacha, it has everything. Fruit, herbaceous characters, tannin and spice.

The grapes for this wine are picked at peak ripeness. They’re then taken to the winery to be crushed. The juice then spends 16 days soaking with the skins, in order to extract as much colour, tannin and flavour as possible.

After the fermentation, the wine is then left to age in small oak barrels for 14 months. The significance of the small oak barrels means that more of the wine is influenced by the wonderful oak aromas. 

This wine literally has everything you could ever want from a full-bodied red. It’s great for any Bordeaux fans wanting to try something a bit different!

The wine is drinking well in its youth but this will age very well over the next decade.

£15.25 75cl 14%

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