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Paxton The Guesser Red

Paxton The Guesser Red is a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. This wine drinks beautifully as the structure from the Cabernet helps give this wine a great tannin base. The beautiful Shiraz grapes give this wine spice and the Grenache helps give the wine body and rich alcohol.

The wine has prominent aromas of plum, cherries, winter greens, hints of cinnamon and cherries. 

Paxton estate wineries are pioneers in bio-dynamic and organic practices. They create wine with sustainability and little impact on the environment. They’re a great representative of the truly remarkable wine making in Mclaren Vale.

We love Paxton The Guesser Red and are sure you will too. If you want to see other great organic wines from Paxton Winery then click here!

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