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TMW Bear

Another great minimal intervention wine from Tim Martin. The grapes were all harvested on the same day, and when fermenting they go through something called semi-carbonic maceration in an open-top wooden fermenter. This is done to help the grapes retain fresh fruit flavours, which help to balance/limit the tannins found in grape skins.

The wine then spends 21 days soaking on its skins, in order to extract colour and flavour, and then spends added time on its lees (dead yeast cells) in french-oak. 

No racking or stirring is done in this time.

The wine is then bottled after a non-sterile filtration. 

This is all done to maximise the true characteristics of the grapes. A great intro to minimal intervention wines.

This wine is also suitable for vegans.

£13.99 75cl 13%

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