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Vine In Flames Feteasca Regala

This Romanian Wine is great to try if you are into aromatic whites. It is very much in the style of Alsace. 

We absolutely love the Budureasca winery. It’s produces amazing wine from the Dealu Mare region of Romania.

The Vine In Flames range are named in tribute to local legend. Apparently, in order to discourage enemy attacks on its territories, the great Thracian king Burebista ordered the burning of all vineyards. Burebista hoped that the tyrants would no longer have any reason to invade its territories.


Feteasca Regala is a beautiful grape. It produces interesting straw yellow coloured wine, with fine aromas of well ripe pears. It is a wine with a clean and sprinting acidity, well balanced, with aromas of pears and peaches.


The grapes are harvested to their full potential, so that the wine acquires an intense aroma and mineral properties. It grows to about 14 ° C for two weeks. 


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